Wednesday's Child: 11-year-old Conner

Conner, 11, also uses his passion for wrestling to lift him up and those around him.

Today's Wednesday's Child has experienced more difficult situations and hard times than most adults ever will, yet he embraces each day with a smile and hope.

Conner, 11, also uses his passion for wrestling to lift him up and those around him.

He's got fast feet and a determination to make something of himself. "I'm a nice little boy," he said.

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Conner is also a tough boy who isn't about to let anyone or any situation take him down. We saw this first-hand during a training session at Moya Wrestling Club in Oakcliff.

“What makes me happy is well, wrestling normally. All it really wrestling," said Conner about the one thing that brings him joy.

Conner has been in foster care for almost two years. That's too long in the life of a child. Fortunately for him, he has wrestling as an outlet.

"It helps me calm down,” he said.

When Conner thinks about adoption, he envisions parents who cheer him on, go to his wrestling matches and help him with his homework.

"Someone taking me under their wing and giving me a place to live. I want to feel safe, and I want to feel cared about," he said.

Conner’s strengths are helping others and making good friends.

He instantly made a connection with Coach Ruben at the Moya Wrestling Club. Ruben Serna can relate to not having parents and offered Conner some advice.

“There's always hope at the end of the day. I want you to know that because I've been there where I didn't get to see a mom or a dad. What kept me going was wrestling," Serna told Conner.

Conner wants to go pro one day, but if wrestling doesn't work out, he has a plan to become a scientist and help find a cure for cancer.

"Helping other people, it just makes me feel better about myself," he said.

Wrestling has always opened doors for Conner, but he believes prayers will open the greatest doors.

"Dear God, I'm asking you to give me a family and help me to become a wrestler or a scientist," he said while closing his eyes.

Conner needs a family who already sees that he's a champion and will help him have a childhood and a future.

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