One-man music factory: Denton musician records 52 songs in 2017

DENTON (WFAA) -- There were times in 2017 when Billy Hensley could barely hear anything anymore.

“I would have headphones on for six straight hours on a Saturday.”

The Denton singer songwriter would strum his guitar, play his drums and record his vocals all before combining them on a track using his laptop.

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An odyssey that lasted 52 weeks and produced 52 songs for his band Wirerims.

“The last year, I have just been talking into a microphone and listening to myself,” said Hensley about the project he set forth to accomplish after paying a flat rate fee to record as many songs as he could over a one-year period.

“I thought since I got this fever to write and record songs, I might as well take advantage of it.”

Not only did Hensley make the most of his talents, writing all songs and playing all instruments for his band comprised only of him, but he also made it all happen within the comfort of his home. One bedroom is filled with musical instruments while another has a “voicing booth” Hensley said he created with PVC pipe and cheap blankets he purchased from Walmart.

“If I went to a studio to do 52 songs in 52 weeks, I would go broke in the first month,” he said.

There were many different things motivating Hensley’s year-long devotion to songwriting but ultimately it came down to one thing.

“I just wanted to do it. I guess it is kind of like why people run a marathon.”

Now that he has successfully written a year’s worth of songs, Hensley’s next goal is to start playing live shows. Other musicians are now part of Wirerims to help play the songs Hensley created himself.