Wilmer-Hutchins High School music director inducted into Hall of Fame

Dr. Beverly Chinn was recently inducted into the National Association of Negro Musicians' Dallas Chapter Hall of Fame.

Students and staff at Wilmer-Hutchins High School are celebrating the accomplishments of the school’s Music Director.

Dr. Beverly Chinn was recently inducted into the National Association of Negro Musicians’ Dallas Chapter Hall of Fame.

The pleasant sound of music from the school’s choral lab can be heard through the hall. Dr. Chinn can be heard interrupting the students, giving pointers on syllabic stress and pitch.

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“Remember to drop the jaw,” Chinn reminds her students as they practice a selection.

It is more than the sweet sound of music at play in this classroom. Students and staff said Chinn is taking the arts to new heights. They said she uses music as a motivator to tackle other life’s lessons.

”My job is to get them ready for what’s next,” Dr. Chinn explained.

She has been educating students for more than three decades. Colleagues said her leadership and work is making a difference in young lives.

"Everything that she does is trying to pull the excellence out of our students," Principal Jasen Campbell said.

Students describe Dr. Chinn as firm, yet caring. They say she always demands the best from them.

"She makes sure my grades are always tight,” said senior Stepheon Stoker. “Makes sure I know all my music. She makes sure I’m together.”

The long-time educator is now making history with her Hall of Fame recognition.

"I was really honored and humbled that they thought that an educator, and what I do as an educator, is so important," Chinn explained.

It is an honor the Wilmer-Hutchins community calls well-deserved. Some students say the Music Director’s impact is more than preparing them for practices and performances.

"She motivates us,” said senior Surrender Lockridge. “She forces us to think, to be creative.”

Students say Dr. Chinn’s gift is inspiring others to find their voice, and reaching possibilities.

“Find your place in the arts, because it will enhance your life,” Chinn explained.