Hundreds watch solar eclipse at Texas Motor Speedway

Adults and children alike turned their eyes to the sky at the popular NASCAR venue, which opened to the public Monday for solar eclipse viewing.

On Monday afternoon, a tiny sliver in the sky turned all of us into kids again.

For hundreds of people, the infield at Texas Motor Speedway was the place to watch the event of the summer.

"It looks pretty much covered!" remarked 7-year-old Dylan Duke.

It was the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse since 1918.

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"So we figured let's have some fun with it," said TMS President Eddie Gossage.

Gossage thought why not let people watch the bigger-than-life event on the biggest TV in the world: Big Hoss. He threw in some eclipse-themed treats, too; moon pies, Sun Chips, Eclipse gum and more.

"There’s a rush about it, to me—and I didn’t expect that," Gossage said of the eclipse.

"This is actually my first eclipse," said 10-year-old Benjamin Frison, who used solar glasses to watch the marvel. Others used welder's glass or homemade cereal box viewers.

But perhaps the best sight, besides the eclipse itself, was seeing the wonderment and joy on the faces of everyone who took part.

And when it hit 1:09 p.m, all eyes were on the sky as the eclipse peaked.

"Hopefully they'll remember it forever," said mom Tenneil Davis.