Man arrested after leading DPD on chase

The chase ended when the suspect exited I-635 near Valley View Mall and ran into a salon.

DALLAS – Police have arrested a man who led them on a chase in North Dallas.

Neighbors described it as some intense moments as a suspect in a stolen vehicle lead Dallas Police officers on a chase in north Dallas. The chase began at a motel on Estate Lane and ended at a shopping center on Montfort near Valley View Mall.

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A Dominos Pizza delivery driver says a suspect took him by surprise outside the motel.

The victim said, “When I get back to my job, my boss tells me the order that I just dropped off to Motel 6 to the guy I dropped it off to was a stolen credit card.”

The suspect bailed out of the stolen SUV and began racing through the shopping center. HD Chopper 8 followed the suspect as he tried dodging police. Officers were on his tail. The unidentified man attempted to run into several stores, without luck.

Promise Campbell works at a nearby business. “About 100 police just from everywhere, with guns chasing him. So it was very scary. I ran in and closed the door," she said.

The suspect raced into the Therapeutic Spa. He caught workers there by surprise.

“I was sitting behind the counter. I heard the doors open, and the guy just run in," Sam Liu said.

The staff said the man ran toward the back of the business and tried hiding. The workers stood still as police rushed in, with guns drawn. Within minutes, officers had the man in handcuffs and could be seen putting him in a patrol car.

A woman was detained at the motel.

The delivery man said he was devastated. “Very nervous,” he said. “Very, very, nervous. This never happened to me before.”

The victim’s SUV had a couple of flat tires and had to be towed.

Dallas Police have not released any information on the investigation.

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