Enrique Arochi sentenced to life in prison for Morris kidnapping

MCKINNEY -- Enrique Arochi has been sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping of Christina Morris.

MCKINNEY -- Enrique Arochi has been sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping of Christina Morris.

Morris was last seen on surveillance video, walking with acquaintance Arochi in a parking lot at the Shops of Legacy in Plano over Labor Day weekend in 2014.

Christina Morris

Investigators found Morris' DNA inside the trunk of Arochi's car. Arochi was convicted of aggravated kidnapping last week.

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Collin County Judge Mark Rusch gave Arochi the maximum sentence of life in prison after about an hour of testimony on Friday. Arochi can appeal.

On Friday investigators close to the case revealed that "sexually deviant photos" and more than 20 images of women being choked and tortured were found on Arochi's phone.

The fact that he is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl was also brought up by the prosecution. Arochi was 22 when he dated the girl, who told a detective over the phone that she was choked "on more than one occasion" by Arochi.

Christina Morris' parents also took the stand, telling the judge how they have been searching for their daughter for two years.

"No mother should be sitting where I am right now," Jonni McElroy, Christina's mother, said.

Christina's father Mark Morris also took the stand, saying the entire family has been affected financially and emotionally.

He looked directly at Arochi, who avoided eye contact, when he said, "My daughter would never climb into the trunk of a car."

Shortly after Morris left the stand, Judge Rusch handed down a sentence of life in prison.

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Then it was time for victim impact statements, with Mark Morris telling Arochi, "I hope you rot in hell."

Christina's stepmother, Anna Morris, took the stand, asking Arochi how he can still torture the family.

"You took our holidays, birthdays, our traditions. She was not yours to take. Please I beg you, let me bring my daughter home."

The defense says it intends to file an appeal to the verdict and sentence. Attorney Steve Miears argues there wasn't sufficient evidence to support the verdict. He also makes the "change of venue" argument which was brought up earlier in the case.

"Our position was we didnt feel like this was the proper venue for the trial," he said.

The State represented by Zeke Fortenberry and Lisa King refuted that statement on Friday saying it was a fair trial.

They said they worked hard to find an impartial jury.

"They truly said we started him off innocent. I think he got fair trial, absolutely," said Fortenberry.

The parameters of Arochi's life sentence mean he will be eligible for parole in 30 years. Meanwhile, the Christina Morris family plans to search for Morris this Saturday.