Car dealer offers reward for info in theft from veterans organization

He said the equipment, used at their performances around the world, amounts to a loss of about $20,000.

Plano police, a filmmaker-musician, and a Dallas-area auto dealer are searching for the thieves who made off with the contents of a storage trailer: stolen items with impact and meaning for American troops and veterans around the world.

Matthew JC, president of Red Lux Productions and the force behind the non-profit group Operation Rock the Troops, said the entire contents of a trailer they use to transport speakers, amps, microphones, and musical instruments were stolen Monday while the trailer was parked outside its normal location near a Plano music rehearsal studio. He said the equipment, used at their performances around the world, amounts to a loss of about $20,000.

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"Over 15 countries, 40 military bases and a 1,000 shows. Those are my kids," he said of the guitars used in their performances for troops and veterans. Thieves cut through the locked handle on the side door of the trailer.

"This isn't just equipment, this is like he said, it's kids. It's family. And all we want is it back," said auto dealer Randall Reed who underwrites the work of Operation Rock the Troops and is also offering a reward for information in the case.

"Somebody out there knows something. And if you do, I'm willing to pay $10,000 out of our own pocket to find you and to find the stuff and to just get it back," Reed said. "It's absolutely atrocious to even think that somebody would knowingly steal from veterans."

So while Plano police search for any surveillance video that might help them catch the thieves, a filmmaker and musician, with the help of a car dealer, hopes the bad guys understand that took more than just "stuff."

"Some of these guitars and some of this equipment, I mean seriously, they were touched by veterans that are no longer with us. And that means something," Reed said.

Now they hope a hefty reward means something to someone with information, or perhaps someone with a guilty conscience now knowing exactly who they've stolen from.

If you have any information, you can contact Matthew at

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