GLAMBABY: East Texas 'Daddy & Baby' glam portraits go viral

A mother and son are taking a school assignment to a whole new level this year and the internet is in love!

Jude Gonzales is a 15-year-old freshman at Cumberland Academy in Tyler, and his entire Human Growth and Development class has an assignment this week as single parents.

According to his mom, Tammy, the kids had to select an item to represent a baby. It could be a bag of flour or sugar, a weight, a baby, etc. The caveat? It had to weigh at minimum 10 pounds.

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Jude and Tammy decided to go as realistic as possible, and chose baby Joaquin. Yes, the baby does have a name, and on his first day, he even had surgery.

"We had to cut him open and add weight to reach ten pounds," Tammy said.

Then 'grand' mom decided to document the event in a glamour photoshoot of baby and daddy and post on Facebook.

As part of the assignment, daddy Jude is required to get up twice each night to 'tend' to the baby, He is also required to send a text to the teacher each time he gets up and goes back to bed, and the texts have to be no earlier than 15 minutes apart.

"After one day, Jude is already over it," mom quips.

Fortunately for Jude, the assignment lasts only a week. Hang in there 'Dad!'

NOTE: For those of you wondering about his long hair, Jude is growing it out to donate to Wigs for Kids, and is within 3 inches of his goal!