Atlanta Uber driver accused of peeing in cup in front of passenger

It's a bizarre incident that has this local woman in disbelief -

A local woman said she had an unbelievable Uber experience, recently, alleging her driver relieved himself in a cup while he was driving her.

Now, 11Alive wants to know what actions the rideshare company has taken - and if the driver is still with them.

It's a bizarre incident that has this local woman in disbelief - how an Uber driver allegedly urinated during a car ride.

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Tirhas Hailu said her driver picked her up form the airport a few days earlier. She saw him reach for a cup and is disgusted by what happened next.

"He started getting a cup and when he got a cup, I'm thinking, this guy is gonna get a drunk or something," she said. "He put the cup in between his legs."

Hailu said she was sitting in the backseat in disbelief as the driver started urinating in a cup as they traveled down the highway. So she grabbed her phone to get evidence.

"Very unexpected; very disgusting behavior," Hailu said. "It was very silent. I can hear him peeing - even the sign of it, the smell of it was disgusting."

After he dropped her off, she started recording his response.

"Because I didn't want to do it on myself," he said.

11Alive contacted Uber and they sent the following statement.

"This is completely unacceptable and we apologize for this rider's poor experience."

So is the driver in the video still employed with the company? Uber said the driver's access to their app has been removed.

Hailu said that because of the experience this will be her last ride with the service.