'Every girl needs to find a guy like Dirk' says woman after surgery

"Every girl needs to find a guy like Dirk."

We've all got our favorite sports player...you know, the ones we'd go above and beyond for.

Dianne Garcia is no exception. Even after getting her wisdom teeth removed she's still thinking about her favorite Dallas Mavericks player, Dirk Nowitzki.

Her friend took a video of their car ride home and for almost four minutes, she couldn't stop talking about what a stand up guy, Nowitzki is.

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"He's loyal, everybody should strive to be like him," Garcia said. "Every girl needs to find a guy like Dirk."

Nowitzki himself noticed and even liked the post. Now the question remains...will he give her that signed shirt she's been waiting for?

Watch the entire conversation below:

(Profane language can be heard)