Did you know, Dallas: Wow Donuts & Drips

If you're around town in Plano, you donut want to miss grabbing a sweet treat or some coffee from the newest donut shop around.

Wow Donuts & Drips has created a very personal experience within the walls of a vacant store front that has been looking for a tenant for quite some time.

With little to no business or baking experience, David Sim and his family set out for an adventure with the opening of Wow.

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"My dad actually came up with the name 'Wow' and it's stuck because people come in and all they can say is wow when they look around at what we have to offer," Sim said.

Simple name that says it all...but what isn't simple are the donuts.

They take basic elements of the classic glazed donut we all love to enjoy and they jazz it up with toppings both unconventional and typical for donuts.

Every donut is served fresh. On the spot. As soon as you order it. Workers even do 'spot checks' before handing over the box to their customers.

Sim said it's all about the aesthetics and making their customers happy.

"I really care more about the experience, not about being consistent," Sim said.

And that's just the donuts...their coffee and tea adds the icing on the cake.

On any given day you could be sipping coffee from Guatemala, Africa or somewhere in Europe. Sim says he has built relationships with coffee farmers all over the world and plans to bring in new beans whenever he can.

Not only is the coffee special, the machines that make it are too. Sim says he purchased rare machines that enable him to eliminate all the variables that could ruin a good cup of joe like poor filtration and water pH levels.

And P.S: you won't find lattes or cappuccinos here. Wow only serves black coffee.

Sim said this shop was his chance to reinvent the donut and coffee shop and give customers a place to hang out, relax and enjoy good conversation...something he says, society has almost forgotten how to do.