Did you know, Dallas: Sandy the Sloth

This is not a drill -- you can actually meet, pet and feed a two-toed sloth in North Texas.

This is not a drill -- you can actually meet, pet and feed a two-toed sloth in North Texas.

Why didn't you know about this earlier? We know. We asked ourselves the same question.

Sandy the Sloth was rescued from the jungles of Brazil. Her rescue mom, Deana Otis says she loves bananas and climbing around her habitat. Lately her favorite food seems to be cut eggplant.

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Otis adopted Sandy in January of 2015 after doing research on what it would take to adopt a sloth. She adopted Sandy from a Florida man who imported her from Guyana. Needless to say, Otis welcome Sandy to her family with open arms.

There are two different types of sloths. Two-toed and three-toed sloths, Sandy is a two-toed sloth. Sloths typically sleep 15-18 hours a day and Sandy is no exception. (doesn't that sound amazing?) Two-toed sloths are not endangered species and are allowed as pets, three-toed sloths however are endangered and can not be kept as pets. In the State of Texas a permit is required.

Otis named Sandy after her sandy-colored hair. Even though sloths are slow, Sandy actually eats pretty fast and she won't hesitate to tell you with her hands when she's ready for more.

Otis owns and runs the Flower Mound chapter of Earthwise Pet Store -- that's where you'll find Sandy and her habitat.

Earthwise is a pet supply, groomer and self wash store all in one.

So...how do you see Sandy? She has her very own fan club. Membership dues are $30 and that includes a chance to meet her and 24/7 access to our sloth cam. Of course you can always visit the store for yourself and peek inside her habitat. Pro tip: She loves cameras.

The Sandy Exclusive Experience includes a chance to actually feed and pet her. You must be apart of her fan club in order to purchase and experience the exclusive. Unfortunately you can't hold her or pick her up-- sloths don't actually like being held.