New in theaters this weekend (Feb. 23-25)

Here's what's new in theaters this week:

Here's what's new in theaters this week:


If you liked "Ex Machina" as much as I did, you were looking forward to the follow-up by writer-director Alex Garland, "Annihilation," but this film is not as strong.

Set in the not-so-distant future, a 'shimmer' is the curtain to an alien mystery. Scientists go in to explore and don't tend to come out. Military man Oscar Isaac just came out, and something's not right with him. His wife, Natalie Portman leads the latest five-woman female team in to check it out. What they encounter, let's just say would not fit neatly into your local zoo or botanical garden.

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Fun facts: Isaac also starred in "Ex Machina." He was shooting "Star Wars:The Last Jedi" at the same time, same studio as "Annihilation."

Paramount Pictures - Rated R

Game Night

Who wouldn't want to head to Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdam's house for "Game Night!" The guys behind "Horrible Bosses" came up with this comedy. When Bateman's brother, played by Kyle Chandler, decides to host the night and stage a murder mystery, you're never sure what's real and what's a game.

Funny throughout, including Jesse Plemons as the deadpan cop neighbor. This is a great date movie!

Warner Bros. - Rated R

Every Day

"Every Day" is based on the young adult best-seller. A 16-year old girl falls in love with a mysterious spirit named 'A.' Here's the twist: every day, that spirit is in the body of a different local teenager. Similar to "Before I Fall," it brings a reaffirming message to an impressionable audience.

Starring Australian Angourie Rice.

Orion Pictures - Rated PG -13