'Black Panther' fans shop for African attire

It is Marvel's first black superhero film, directed by Ryan Coogler.

Black Panther hits theaters next Friday. It was the fastest pre-selling movie on Fandango.

In Dallas, some moviegoers have more than a ticket, they're shopping for African-inspired prints to match the heroes in the film.

It is Marvel's first black superhero film, directed by Ryan Coogler. The Hollywood budget allotted for the film was $200 million, starring a predominantly black cast.

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Christopher Chauncey is a long time comic book fan who believes the movie will make history.

"Do you know there hasn't been a cast like that this since The Color Purple? Everyone needs to see this move. It doesn't matter what color you are because it's a comic book that turned fantasy into reality," he said.

Akwete Tyehimba is the owner of the Pan-African Connection in South Dallas. Black Panther fans are making frequent stops to the store to buy African clothing to match the heroes from Wakanda, a fictional African nation in the film.

"They want the embroidered outfits, and they want the glory and the dignity of Africa," she said.

Tyehimba said most men are buying boubou’s, a traditional African garment that could cost about $200. Women are opting for dashiki’s, headwraps and dresses.

"We are going to be all dressed up," said Tyehimba. "This is such a proud moment for us, and I'm so excited to show up looking like royalty."