Netflix and purr: 10 movies to watch with your cat on Valentine's Day

So you're single this Valentine's Day and have a cat? This is great news! You should definitely stay inside, pour (purr?) yourself a glass a wine and cozy up to your kitty to watch one of these flicks.

So you're single this Valentine's Day and have a cat? This is great news! You should definitely stay inside, pour (purr?) yourself a glass a wine, break out the catnip and cozy up to your kitty to watch one of these flicks.

(Note: The headline is a bit deceiving. Most of the movies listed here aren't on Netflix. But we really wanted to squeeze in "purr" [insert shrug emoji].)

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Know who the real hero is in "Ghost"? Surprise! It's not Sam (Patrick Swayze). It's Floyd, Sam and Molly's (Demi Moore) tabby cat! This movie has it all. Romance. Paranormal activity. Crime. Thrills. And most importantly, there's a heroic cat. We'd detail how Floyd saves the day, but we wouldn't want to spoil the feline's scene-stealing moment for you (or your cat).

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In "Raising Arizona," all the characters fall in love with a baby, Nathan Jr. It's that baby-loving passion that spurs a series of hilarious, high-stake adventures for all. Well, that's the same premise in Key and Peale's "Keanu," except in this case, the center of it all is a kitty. Who wouldn't risk it all to save a kidnapped feline?

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This movie is pure magic, which makes it perfect for a Valentine's Day viewing (there were so many chances in that sentence to squeeze "purr" in again). And one of its main characters is a feline favorite, the Cowardly Lion, aka King of the Forest of Oz, the Dandy Lion. You and your cat's hearts will grow 10 sizes as you watch him find his courage. Shucks, folks, it's pretty darn sweet.

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Cat meets struggling drug-addicted musician. Musician begrudgingly takes in cat. Cat, once again, saves the day. Except, this time, the story is based on the real-life story of James Bowen and his cat, Bob, who actually plays himself in the movie. It's feel-good cinema that proves cats make all our lives better. Your cat will love it.

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This is a threesome love story, and by that we mean between Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), Paul Varjak (George Peppard) and Cat (Orangey). The ending alone, soundtracked to "Moon River," is worth it all. And Orangey, the scene-stealing co-star, was kinda a big deal in Hollywood in the late '50s, '60s.

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6. KEDI:

This documentary features cats, cats and ... cats. Hence the title, "Kedi," which means cat in Turkish. For thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of cats have roamed the streets of Istanbul. It's those cats, and the people who they interact with daily, that star in the documentary, which will warm any feline-loving heart.

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Three cheers for another hero cat! Binx is the star of this movie and faces off against three wicked witches. Once a human boy in the 17th century, Winifred (Bette Midler) turned Binx into a black feline. After that, he's stood guard to protect mere mortals from the witches' evil ways. Stream: $3.99 Amazon


More witchcraft, magic and a cat! However, in this 1958 fantasy, there's a touch of romance and comedy as well. Pyewacket, a brown sealpoint Siamese cat, isn't a fan of love. The witch's familiar, Pyewacket decides not to stick around when Gillian 'Gil' Holroyd (Kim Novak) falls in love with Shep (James Stewart). This Valentine's Day, we appreciate your sentiment, Pyewacket.

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This move actually stars a dog (gasp). A really, really big one. But it's hilarious and we think you and your cat will enjoy watching the Franch Mastiff's slobbery antics as he partners up with Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) to solve a crime. And it's a great way to appreciate that your cat will likely never be able to break through your door or put you in a chokehold!

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Ulysses the cat is such an integral part of "Inside Llewyn Davis" that he made the cover of the Coen brothers' movie. The adventure begins when Llewyn Davis and Ulysses find themselves locked out of a New York City apartment. A folk singer walking around the Big Apple with a cat in his arms, isn't that all you need to know?

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This is actually a TV series but we had to add it because we love the role a cat plays in the murder mystery. The cat's relationship with defense lawyer John Stone (John Turturro) is a mystery in itself. Left alone after his owner is murdered, the cat endears himself to Stone, who's an eccentric character with eczema, not exactly a great match for a feline. The cat and its relationship to Stone is so intriguing it's led to numerous theories as to possible hidden meanings to its placement in the series. A cat mystery!

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