Wednesday's Child: 13-year-old Elida



Posted on March 6, 2013 at 2:48 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 6 at 8:37 PM

FORT WORTH –– Today's Wednesday's Child is about a young lady who was transformed during our interview.

Most girls will say it feels really good to look like she's just walked out of a salon.

"When I came in here I felt like the person who just won a million dollars and became a princess," said Elida with a big bright smile.

Before the 13-year-old walked into the BB63 Salon in Fort Worth, Elida said she felt insecure about the way she looked. The salon took the time to help make Elida feel beautiful.

"They did my hair, my makeup and my nails," she said. "I love it."

Elida has many beautiful traits, starting with her name.

"I'm named after my great grandma. The reason I think it's special is because it's a name that you don't hear in common. And I looked it up and it means one winged Angel," she said.

Both at school and in her current foster home, Elida stands out as a caring, well behaved teenager who seldom gets in trouble. One of her favorite things to do is simply get a breath of fresh air!

"I like to walk around the neighborhood with just myself," she said.

Getting pampered might be Elida's favorite new hobby. Before her salon experience, Elida most enjoyed shopping and cooking.

"I like Chinese food but sometimes my favorite food to eat is tamales."

Becasue of her background, Elida hopes to be adopted by a single Hispanic woman, someone who she can feel safe with. It's an emotional topic for Elida.

"Guess I never really had a family to take care of me," she said as tears rolled down her face. "Out of all the years I've lived, I've always wanted a family."

Elida is full of love and hope, not giving up on her greatest desire to have someone call her "daughter."

She waits with a spirit of gratitude.

"What do you want to tell to everyone at BB63 salon?, " asked Izaguirre.  

 "Thank you," Elida said with a soft voice and a bright smile. "I really appreciate what y'all did."