Wednesday's Child: Chris




Posted on September 26, 2012 at 2:58 PM

SOUTHLAKE - Today's Wednesday's Child is one of the sweetest kids you'll ever meet.

Chris, 13, believes it's important to be positive no matter what the situation.

"I'm not able to go home so I'm just trying to make the best of it," said the loving teenager.

Chris has been in foster care for a long time. With no permanent place to call home, he considers his friends family.

"They've been there for me," he said. "They understand what I go through and they don't judge me for it."

We met up with Chris at the Urban Air Indoor Trampoline park in Southlake. It's pretty symbolic considering the teen wants to soar to new heights.

"I want to go as high as a I can in life to achieve stuff so that I can be the greatest that I can," he said.

Chris is in the seventh grade and thoroughly enjoys school. He especially enjoys math, science and crushing his competition in sports like dodgeball.

 Most of the time, Chris said he behaves himself.

"Sometimes I get in trouble and sometimes I don't," he said. "Most of the time I try to stay out of trouble."

Chris often daydreams about having a mother and father.

"A good loving home that will take care of me," he said of his dream.

Chris likes to watch movies, especially if they are scary or full of adventure.

He enjoys playing most sports and gets along well with others.

Church is important to Chris. He even participates in the youth group.

Everynight, he says the same prayer before he falls asleep.

"I pray for a good family to come and for God to make the best that he can make in my life," he said.