Take a sip of the latest healthnut craze - Juicing!



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Posted on January 21, 2014 at 11:06 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 21 at 3:54 PM

DALLAS -- You probably haven't gotten this far into the new year without hearing the word "cleansing" or "juicing." It's the latest healthnut craze to go mainstream.

In Dallas, it's a former stock broker who's made it into a business.

Meet Brent Rodgers. He's the owner and founder of Roots Juices.

"I'm kind of in the plant business... the grass business," Rodgers said.

It's a business that's been booming. Whether it's from New Year's resolutions or the search for remedies to help stay healthy, more people are giving juicing a try! They're even giving a few odd ingredients a chance.

"We put dandelion in our juice," Rodgers told us. He said he gets a range of reactions from the usual "make-a-wish-and-blow-the-seeds" flower, but in the end, customers come back for more!

Rodgers started Roots Juices after travelling the world. He believes the benefits ranges from increased energy to reducing inflammation.

"It's something you transition your body into, but once you begin incorporating things like juice into your diet, you're going to immediately see benefits and feel benefits," he said.

Right now, there isn't scientific research that shows juicing is better than eating the vegetable or fruit whole, but there's no doubt it's an easy way to consume your daily nutrient needs.

"There's three pounds of fruits and vegetables in one bottle, so you can't possibly really eat three pounds of beets or kale," Rodgers said. "So, this is a great way to do that."

If you decide to juice at home, keep some of that pulp -- it contains fiber. And while we still remain in flu season, Rodgers said to give jalapenos a try. It's an immune booster --- and Texans love their spicy Tex-Mex!