Girl scores points for Mansfield High football team




Posted on November 4, 2010 at 9:23 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 4 at 9:29 PM

MANSFIELD — A lot of high school football teams get their kickers from the soccer team, and there are some teams — not many, but some — that have girls on their football team.

At Mansfield High School, they do both.

Soccer players Andy Alkhazshvilly and Courtney Heinz handle all the football team's field goals and extra points.

"I get most of the kicks, all the field goals," Andy said. "But Coach [Jeff] Hulme promises her, if he can, she can kick at least  one  extra point a game, so she works hard on that."

"I'm just another person on the team, just here for the team. no matter what," Courtney said. "If I get to play, I get to play, then I can help out the team."

She may be just another person on the team, but Courtney is the only girl, and one who likes to keep busy. She's in the marching band, on the soccer team, and she carries a 3.86 grade point average

"The thing about Courtney is, she's been involved in football all four years, she's been in band all four years, and she's played soccer all four years," Coach Hulme said. "She's enjoyed high school, she really has, and that's what high school is all about."

Had Courtney been that busy in eighth grade, she may have never gotten into football.

"I got bored one day, honestly, and I was just like, 'Oh football tryouts are today; why not go ahead and go?' And then I ended up really liking it, and I stayed this entire time," she said.

It's rare, but not unheard of, to have a girl kicker on a football team. But what's unusual about Courtney Heinz is that she's kicked for the Mansfield program all four years. And that's just fine with the boys on the squad.

"She's viewed as a teammate, and not a girl," Coach Hulme said.

"It's a fun environment to be in and everything, but it's also really hard working," Courtney said.

But hard work comes easily to Courtney Heinz... as easy as splitting the uprights.