Uncut: The Deanna Cook 911 tapes and getting your attention



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Posted on March 8, 2013 at 8:29 PM

Our struggle all week at WFAA has been to determine just how much of the murder of Deanna Cook we should let you hear.

Remember her?

She called 911 multiple times, and ended up murdered - allegedly by her ex - but managed to record her killing in one of those emergency calls.

Ordinarily, we don't include screams like hers in our reports. But violence against women is so rampant, we're trying every way we can to get your attention. To make you understand some women in North Texas fear their husband more than al Qaeda; their boyfriend more than an anonymous attacker.

What's frustrating about Deanna Cook's death is she did all the right things, and still died.

She called 911 when she needed help and died. She even warned us what would happen, only to end up in a grave.

In a way, we have hoped to make her nightmare your own, so that you will push for changes in the law.

Is it disturbing? Absolutely...

Only one thing worse: if after hearing Deanna Cook's story, you decide there's nothing else you can do.

Those are my thoughts, tell me yours at jmccaa@wfaa.com.