DALLAS 'Hang on!' Charles Williams yelled as he twirled the merry-go-round at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas with his daughter and at least a dozen other kids hanging on and squealing with delight. Those were the few final spins of summer.

At water parks across North Texas, families soaked up the few final sprays and splashes.

'We're having all the fun we can before we have to start back,' said Dallas ISD student Elaisia Williams at a splash park near Fair Park. 'I feel a little nervous, because this is going to be my first year of high school.'

Her younger sister Angel Wade said she has mixed emotions.

'I'm kind of sad because I'm going to miss playing at the water park, and I'm happy because I get to go to school and learn,' she said.

Mom Marquita Griggs brought her three sons to the splash park because after a summer of outings, it was an inexpensive way to have fun, she said. 'You've got to let them know that fun time is over, it's back to business!' she said, with a laugh.

Williams said his daughter actually started school Monday, and convinced her dad and mom to bring her to the park to celebrate her first day back. And like most parents, he wanted to celebrate, too.

'It's lovely. It's wonderful. You know what I love?' he asked, 'Bedtime!'

'No more climbing around and bouncing off the walls at 11 or 12 at night, you know?' Williams added. 'Go to bed! Early!'


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