ARGYLE On Tuesday night, the Argyle Independent School District's board of trustees approved a policy that will arm some district employees during the school day.

They have Greg Coker to thank.

'The focus is on safety and security of our children and the faculty,' said Coker.

A former soldier and security expert, the district will adopt his so-called Not on my Watch plan. It requires interested employees who volunteer to be armed in school will have to possess a conceal and carry permit. They'll also undergo an extensive interview, psychiatric evaluation and detailed firearms training, he said. Any district staff member may participate.

'We won't identify those personnel, we'll keep their names compartmentalized. However, we will work closely with law enforcement,' said Coker.

Argyle Superintendent Dr. Telena Wright and board President Kevin Faciane declined on camera interviews.Wright has said she supports the policy, and at the end of the school day, many parents said they do too.

'I think that that would hopefully deter any wrong doing or people that want to cause harm, especially to our children,' said Lisa Haiducek who has two children in school.

Coker says four unarmed North Texas school districts have contacted Coker to discuss a plan for their campuses. He declined to say which.


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