HOUSTON Houston police are on the lookout for two masked men who terrorized a local couple just blocks away from their home.

The quiet on the corner of Rose and Roy was shattered by the sound of pure fear. Shrill screams from a couple fleeing for their lives.

'Ah wow man that's crazy,' said Clarence Henderson. 'Just the sound of it.'

'That's scary very scary,' said Stacey Viviano.

It happened just after midnight Sunday morning as a couple walked home. With less than a block to go, a lightly colored four-door Cadillac sedan pulled up, the door opened and a man with a ski mask pointed a gun right at their heads.

They screamed and fled towards their neighbor's front door. The suspects sped off. Home surveillance cameras were rolling the whole time.

'It's pretty shocking, especially having a little one to see something like that,' said Rice Military resident Kevin Dikes. 'That can change somebody's life real quick.'

Parents in the Rice Military neighborhood are stunned. The brazen hold up happened right across from their child's day care on a street they're counting on to be safe. Now, one man's screams are wiping away that sense of safety.

'I can tell you this, I called the police a lot; they probably have my name in their rolodex,' said neighbor Alice Smith.

Neighbors said they've seen an uptick in crime. There have been car break-ins, burglaries and now this brazen robbery attempt at gunpoint.

'Whatever they're trying to get out of it, they're going to ruin that couple's life for sure,' said Dikes.

Neighbors are relieved the couple in this case wasn't hurt. Now they are banding together to make sure the gun-wielding crooks don't try it again.

'It could have been a lot worse,' said Dikes. 'But it's something to think about, in what's generally a pretty nice neighborhood.'

The Rice Military neighborhood will hold a meeting Tuesday to discuss community issues including ongoing safety issues. It will take place at the DePelchin Center at 7 p.m.

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