FORTWORTH-- Contractors have been in and out of Travis Avenue Baptist church in Fort Worth since Tuesday. That was the first day the church had minor flooding.

'We don't know what happened,' said Senior Associate Pastor Donnie Voss. 'We wish we did.'

Then Wednesday even more rain caused the worst damage yet. The entire first floor of the church and the basement flooded.Five of the 18 classrooms the church uses to run its pre-school and this week's Vacation Bible School were too soggy and wet to use. Thursday's forecast brought with it the potential for more heavy rain.

'Wow! We are concerned about that,' said Voss. 'We are going to bring in some sand bags to prepare for that so we can keep any additional water out of our buildings.'

It seems everything is wet--wet sheet rock, wet dry wall and even wetter carpets that will have to be ripped up and thrown out. Voss said it appears the water came from drainage in the church's west parking lot.

'It just seemed that the storm drain system was overwhelmed,' he said. 'It was just not able to handle the water and get rid of it.'

A machine was brought in to pump water out of the basement. The children were moved to classrooms on the opposite side of the church.

'We're believing that God is going to provide for us and we are trusting him to take care of our needs.' Voss said.

But Voss said they are also still praying that the next round of much needed rain won't bring more flooding to their back door.

Voss said he hopes the church's insurance will cover most of the damages.

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