ALLEN -- The Allen ISD Board of Trustees met Monday night behind closed doors to discuss the cracking issues at Allen's Eagle Stadium.

Superintendent Lance Hindt said that two engineering firms will be helping the district. Nelson Forensics has been putting together a report on the issues at the stadium. Now Datum Engineering will now help design the fix.

The developer, Pogue Construction, and designer, PBK Architects, were not at the meeting.

The preliminary report came out several weeks ago highlighting the issues at the stadium. There were serious design flaws with the load demands on the stadium that went well beyond code. Eagle Stadium is a $60 million facility that is two years old and going into its third season.

It will be closed next season to make repairs. Estimates of what repairs need to be made and the cost of those repairs will not be finalized until Datum Engineering makes their report.

At the same time, Pogue Construction has hired its own consulting group. A rep sent out this statement: 'While our consultant has not issued a final report, the findings to date support several conclusions of the Nelson report focusing on design issues with the stadium.'

The full report by Nelson Forensics has not been released yet. But the PowerPoint presentation from Monday night's meeting will be available by the end of this week, after it is reviewed by the district's attorney.

'The administration and school board remain committed to providing information to the public as soon as it is available and when it does not jeopardize any contractual or legal obligation,' Superintendent Hindt said in a statement.


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