MANSFIELD -- Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber was detained by Mansfield police on Sunday night for 'mental detention and observation.'

Police arrived at Barber's Mansfield home off Moore Road around 8 p.m. Witnesses say Barber was driving a red Chevy pick-up truck and was surrounded by police.

Although the 31-year-old was handcuffed and detained, police said Barber was never booked into jail. Instead, he was taken to an area hospital. It wasn't immediately clear why police thought he needed mental evaluation.

Neighbors say since moving into the home about a month ago, the property's landscaping and upkeep has grown noticeably worse. The yard isn't mowed and there was a padlock on the gate Monday afternoon.

A manager from Cha Cha's restaurant, which sits directly across from the home, said everyone wondered what was going on when police showed up.

'There were six or seven cop cars,' Michelle Morgan said. 'We were very concerned.'

Morgan said a car had parked near Barber's fence earlier in the day when the restaurant's parking lot was full.

'We heard he had tore up a car with a rock because they parked too close to his property,' Morgan said.

Mansfield police wouldn't comment on specifics.

News 8 did find a police report for suspected criminal damage to a Mercedes that was parked in the same block as Barber's home, but he isn't named in the report.

Reached by phone late Monday night, the car's owner said, 'We don't know if there were any witnesses. Maybe one will come forward... The rock that damaged the car looks just like some sitting in his drive.'

Barber played six seasons for the Cowboys, scored 16 touchdowns in 2006, and had a career-high 975 rushing yards in 2007. He was drafted by Dallas out of the University of Minnesota in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft.

After leaving the Cowboys in 2011, Barber signed with the Chicago Bears where he played one season before retiring in 2012.

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