GRAND PRAIRIE A man's life ended in seconds Saturday morning in a fiery crash at a Grand Prairie intersection.

Police say AdrianRosales, 20, was heading south onBelt Line Road at about 80 mph in a 2008 Lincoln MKZ, when he swerved to avoid a vehicle entering the intersection at Kingston Road around 10 a.m.

Rosales lost control, toppling a gas station sign, smashing into a pump and then sliding into an adjacent building.

The car burst into flames, killing Rosales.

Anderus Brewer, who works across the street, heard screeching tires and then saw the fiery crash unfold.

'After a second, it just went 'woosh!' A big, big ball of fire,' he said. 'I called 911 and was telling them to get over here.'

Police said it was lucky that no one was pumping gas at the time of the crash; otherwise, the death toll could have been higher.

'There's no reason to speed,' said Grand Prairie police spokesman Lyle Gensler. 'Speed kills, and this is a perfect example of what may happen when you're traveling at such a high rate of speed that you can't react to something that's unfolding in front of you.'

This is the seventh traffic fatality for Grand Prairie this year.


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