ARLINGTON Gerald Kern has put up hundreds of political signs around Arlington. The candidate for an Arlington city seat received several phone calls from friends saying someone had defaced his signs.

'I was like, 'Wow... Arlington, of all places!'' Kern said.

On Wednesday morning, swastikas and the letters 'SS' were spray-painted over several of his signs, as seen in pictures from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. And he's not alone.

Alex Kim, who is running for the Tarrant County Criminal Court Judge's seat, also had his signs defaced.

'It's hard not to think there's a bad motive to all this,' Kim said.

Kim is Korean-American and Kern is Thai, Chinese, German and Dutch.

'I'm the first Asian to run for City Council. He's the first Asian to run for that judicial spot,' Kern said.

Arlington police told News 8 that investigators are looking into the matter. A representative for the department said investigators are determining whether a criminal offense occurred.

'It kind of hit me in the gut... yeah, it did,' Kern said.

'To me I think it's beyond a practical joke that any kid may do, and it was meant to be offensive,' Kim added.

As both candidates are in the final stretches of the election, it is the last thing they want to think about. Niether plans on pressing any charges and both hope this is an isolated incident.

Susan Shrock with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram contributed to this report.


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