GLENN HEIGHTS -- Alicia Lowder pulled over during her morning commute and snapped a half-dozen pictures of horses she describes as emaciated and neglected.

'To me, anybody that has two eyes - that can see - would notice that these horses have been neglected,' Lowder said.

What she saw in Glenn Heights prompted her to post pictures of the horses on Facebook and contact every investigative body she could think of, from local law enforcement to PETA.

'They have no body fat, they have no muscle mass,' Lowder said, 'totally just wondering aimlessly, looking for little blades of grass.'

The SPCA confirmed they do have an open investigation into the property, but won't say much else.

We checked out the Glenn Heights property for ourselves and found the horses. We also found 65-year-old Morris Caro, the property manager.

'My animals are in good health, as far as they are not sick,' Caro said.

He explained the black horse, a full-blooded Tennessee Walker, was rescued from another property after it was abandoned during the worst of the drought three years ago. It was a blow the horse never fully recovered from.

'They have plenty to eat, they'll have plenty to eat -- trust me,' Caro said. 'I have over 1,000 acres of land.'

But Caro did admit in the last year, he's had over 50 phone calls from people concerned about his animals, along with several investigations, including the Humane Society and the SPCA.

For Lowder, the horses history doesn't matter, she said it is obvious the horse is lacking nutrition and wants change immediately.


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