DALLAS They were stalked and then shot at on a Dallas freeway. The victims of a road rage incident are telling us about a terrifying incident that's the second of two recent shootings.

Early last Friday, a woman in a moving car was shot at and wounded near Spur 408 and Interstate 20 in Southwest Dallas.

Then around midnight Monday there was a similar incident on I-20, this time 18 miles away in Southeast Dallas near South Prairie Creek Road.

Dallas police are investigating both incidents, and has not yet officially connected the two, but there are similarities.

'I'll show you where the bullet hit the car,' Gail Pinke said, pointing to the passenger side fender of her car. 'Right here... it grazed it.'

The Fort Worth resident could have been badly hurt... or worse.

She was behind the wheel on I-20 in Southeast Dallas just after midnight Monday, approaching Highway 175. Then she noticed a car pull up close behind her.

'I tapped on the brakes a little bit to let them know, 'Hey, back up,'' she said.

But the other driver continued to tailgate.

'They wouldn't leave me alone. There were three lanes on the highway and there was nobody else. It was just us,' Pinke said.

Her husband, Gerald, was in the passenger seat. 'I felt some braking and swerving, so it woke me up,' he said.'

Gail then pulled over and asked him to drive. They looked back to see the suspect's car described as a burnt orange Pontiac Vibe had also pulled over, and it continued following the Pinkes as soon as they got back on the road.

Seconds later...

'We heard something that sounded like a gunshot,' Gerald said.

Someone in that other car fired and sped off, hitting a spot on the passenger side fender, inches from the front door.

'as far as the impact to the car, it felt like a rock or something,' Gerald recalled.

The Pinkes are lucky that's all it was. In the Friday morning incident, a woman was hit in the leg when suspects shot at her moving car. Dallas police are now searching for those gunmen, and the ones responsible for Monday's gunfire.

Gerald and Gail Pinke believe there were two men in the car that followed them. If that burnt orange Pontiac Vibe rings a bell, or if you have any information about either case, you're asked to call Dallas police.


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