ARLINGTON Her family says Rosemary Ferrand is fortunate to be out of the hospital after a basketball she was carrying at Six Flags Over Texas exploded on Sunday afternoon.

Ferrand was carrying the ball under her arm when it burst unexpectedly.

'They stopped a nearby ride because the explosion was so loud,' she said on Monday.

Ferrand has dark bruises on her arm and the side of her chest.

Her son, Brandon Green, said he had just won the basketball as a prize at the amusement park.

'I've never heard of a basketball exploding,' he said. 'People were running, thinking it was something else. Eventually the paramedics arrived.'

Ferand was taken to a local emergency room by ambulance.

Green started recording what happened on his cell phone once the paramedics arrived to help his mom. Ferrand is crying and visibly shaken as staff and other park guests look on.

The family fears other basketballs handed out as prizes over the weekend might also be ready to bust open.

'For a ball to do this to me, just imagine what it could do to a kid,' said Ferrand, who was still upset and at times crying during an interview on Monday.

'We take every incident very seriously,' Six Flags spokeswoman Sharon Parker said in a telephone interview. 'We did an assessment of the other basketballs...this was isolated.'

The family thinks the ball was filled with far too much compressed air.

The park refunded their tickets for the day. Green said he and his mother are hoping for help with medical costs, but that hasn't been finalized yet.


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