It's no secret that the Rangers' bats have struggled so far this season. It's also no secret that Prince Fielder has contributed largely to that struggle. Fielder is batting .176 this season, and has yet to hit one out of the park. It's raised some concern, but Fielder says, he isn't concerned yet.

'No. I can't afford it to be in my head because I play every day, so I'm going to have to play the next day too' said Fielder. 'So if it's in my head still from the day before, I'm no good to my team at all. I just try to go out there every day and help the team.'

Manager Ron Washington also spoke on Fielder's struggles at the plate. He said, 'It's gonna be fine. I'm not a hitting coach so I can't explain the technicality of it. If his timing is good when they do elevate, he'll hit it. Time is off, you're either rushing or behind it. It's timing. Hitting is timing. Hitting is being on time every pitch. He's off sometimes.'

We are only thirteen games into the season, so there is no reason to fully lose all faith in Fielder. He's had only fifty-one at bats this year, and if you ask Washington, he believes that most guys don't start figuring it out until they get one hundred at bats.

'I think a lot of guys start finding themselves once the weather warms up' said Wash. 'A lot of guys will tell you they don't get started until June. Once July rolls around, watch out'.

The team could use some help from Fielder's bat before June, but I guess sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

Complaint Filed

Washington said that GM Jon Daniels filed a formal complaint with the MLB regarding yesterday's challenge at home plate.

'They wanna get it right and if you ask me that's the only part that's not right' said Washington. 'If enough complaints come in, maybe something can be done about it.'

Washington went on to say that he was simply making a dinner recommendation to the umpire, and that he is sure the MLB will forgive him. Well, until he decides to make a dinner recommendation again.

'My actions may not make anything happen' said Wash. 'Two days from now, it very well may happen again. But I won't do it tonight.'

No set return for Harrison

Matt Harrison was far from perfect in his start last night for the Frisco Roughriders, throwing 77 pitches through three innings before being taken out of the game. Harrison will have at least one more start for the Roughriders, but is still not sure if he'll be joining the Rangers after that.

'I have no idea' said Harrison. 'We'll see how the next start goes. I want to throw more than three innings, and they'll have me on a 95 pitch count. Hopefully, I'm able to come back soon'.

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