KELLER -- The Wood family seeks some kind of closure as still very little is known about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

They are not concerned with accident theories or terrorist plots, but rather, properly remembering their loved one, Philip Wood.

'He really just embodied love and forgiveness and generosity,' said his son, Chris Wood.

Philip has two sons, Chris and Nick. They received the phone call about their father's disappearance from their grandfather, Aubrey.

Both boys admit they are going through so many emotions, from sadness to utter confusion.

'What does that mean if it's disappeared?' Nick said, referring to the jetliner. 'Because a plane doesn't just typically disappear.'

Both boys have not seen or heard from Dad since he left North Texas a week ago. Philip Wood came to town to spend some time with family in Keller.

'[It was the] first time since college that we had that opportunity to be with him,' said Aubrey, Philip's father.

The entire family had come together to celebrate Aubrey's birthday.

Chris recounted his last moments with his father before he left for Malaysia, 'He just stood up and gave me a big hug, and I told him I love him.'

Sons and brothers describe a gentle and honest man who is incredibly devout.

'If he was here right now, he would comfort me and he would say 'Don't be sad,'' Chris Wood said.


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