ALLEN -- The Allen Eagle Run happens once a year and nearly 3,000 runners and walkers are signed up for this weekend's event. But there is a minor hiccup this year.

'Our plan was to start and finish inside [Eagle Stadium],' said Regina Taylor, the director of the Foundation for Allen Schools.

Taylor said the $60 million Allen Eagle Stadium has traditionally become a part of the race course. The stadium is now officially closed off because of extensive cracking. Officials with Allen ISD tells News 8 it will be at least until June before a full report is out.

'I'm glad they were able to not cancel the run,' said Amy Morris, who is running Saturday's race.

The revised route will take runners and walkers around Eagle Stadium.

'That's not a deal-breaker for this run,' said Pennie Langford, who is running the Allen Eagle Run for the first time. 'I actually like the route a little better.'

Connor Santillanes, on the other hand, would have liked to have ended his race at the stadium.

'The idea [is] you're running out onto the field for a game or something like that,' Santillanes said.

Regina Taylor, an organizer, is encouraged by the number of entrants this year, but happier about the work being done to make the run happen. The money generated from the run goes to academic scholarships.

'I really have been waiting for somebody to be upset or disappointed or cancel, and we've not had that at all,' Taylor said.

Adjusting for the race is no problem. But now Allen ISD has to find a new location for its graduation ceremony.

Officials tell News 8 the district is close to finding another venue.

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