FORT WORTH If you want to know what the 2011 Super Bowl meant to Fort Worth, just ask Leslie Distler, who manages Leddy's Ranch at Sundance Square.

'It was awesome,' she said. 'It was wonderful. We had thousands of people out front of the store.'

It was a true North Texas event, with the game in Arlington; events in Dallas; ESPN broadcasting live from Fort Worth's Sundance Square; and the Steelers even staying at the Fort Worth Omni Hotel.

Next month's NCAA Final Four championship is also a 'North Texas' event. But if you scan the NCAA's sanctioned events list from concerts to a 5K race the one big city not included in any of it is Cowtown.

But is Fort Worth City Council member Jungus Jordan disappointed?

'Not at all,' he said. 'Excited.'

Excited because he believes the Final Four is all good news for our region, and he said ESPN's decision to once again broadcast from Sundance Square is a huge draw.

'The people are still going to come to Fort Worth,' Jordan said.

He may be right. The Fort Worth Omni reports it's already at 94 percent capacity for that weekend. That could be in part because there's a race at Texas Motor Speedway that same weekend.

The Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau tells News 8 it did attempt to get some of the NCAA's hotel business, but it didn't work.

'We have one thing: At least its not zero!' Distler said.

But unlike Jordan, Leslie Distler is disappointed that the Final Four isn't more Fort Worth-focused.

'I just don't think people understand how big of a small city Fort Worth is,' she said.

As of Tuesday evening, WFAA was waiting to hear from the NCAA about why the official event venues were limited to Dallas and Arlington.


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