DALLAS -- When Tanya Frasher went to apply for a job, she was shocked by what happened next.

'The H.R. from my new job called me and said that I hadn't passed the background check and asked me about some criminal activity,' she said.

Frasher was baffled and began her own internet search to find out what happened.

She found an arrest report for criminal trespassing at Parkland Hospital from October of 2013. It has her name, her date of birth, and her driver's license number, but she wasn't arrested.

'I don't have any criminal activity at all, and I said it wasn't true,' she said.

The woman who was arrested was Shannon Gash. She spent 28 days in jail. She's a former nurse with a criminal history of prescription fraud.

Both women share the same birth date and worked at Parkland at one time. The arresting officer from the Dallas County Hospital District Police Department used Frasher's name instead of Gash's.

'They went into the computer system, they brought up my name, and basically, the arresting officer had made a computer error and joined our names together,' Frasher said.

She filed a complaint and the police department investigated. According to police documents, an investigator found the arresting officer 'did not cross reference to match the information [...] and applied the information in error.'

They told Frasher to keep a record of their findings to provide proof she has no criminal history.

But, that isn't helping. When you run a background check, it still comes up.

She was recently turned down for home rental, and the documentation provided by Parkland didn't help.

'I need to get it off my record,' she said.

Parkland issued the following statement to News 8:

'The Dallas County Hospital District Police Department does confirm that a woman was arrested on criminal trespass charges and used Mrs. Frasher's personal information as an alias. The Police Department has provided Mrs. Frasher with documentation stating that she, in fact, has no criminal record. The department is taking any additional steps it can take to help resolve this issue for Mrs. Frasher as quickly as possible.'


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