DALLAS A silent alarm and solid police work led to the capture of three men accused in the robberies of two Northwest Dallas spas earlier this week, authorities say.

Police are now investigating whether Antonio Cooper, Ladarius Bascom and Jacob Brown were involved other holdups, said Dallas police Maj. Jeff Cotner, who oversees the robbery unit.

'We're having our analyst look back at these individuals,' he said. 'We're looking at this MO.'

At about 9 a.m. Monday, two men initially pretended to be customers before proceeding to rob the business. They displayed a knife and a Taser during the holdup. They took about $7,000 in cash before fleeing in a silver Cadillac Deville.

About 16 hours later, about 2:45 a.m., Brown entered Good Time spa and pointed a gun at several employees as he zip tied their hands behind their backs, police said. He ransacked the business as he looked for money, according to police records.

Bascom came into the business to help while Cooper acted as lookout, police said.

Unbeknownst to the robbers, a silent alarm led to police officers being dispatched to the business.

'They sensed something wasn't right,' Cotner said. The officers also knew of another spa robbery hours before.

Bascom and Brown fled out the back door, but officers captured Cooper in the parking lot, police records state.

Cooper told officers that he was waiting for a friend and that he didn't know what was going on inside. The officers asked him to call his friend on the phone. Brown answered and he 'could be heard running and was out of breath,' the records state. Brown told Cooper that he would not be available for future calls.

Cooper told investigators that Brown was staying an Irving motel. Police went to the motel and found the silver car described in the first robbery. They staked out the car.

Authorities arrested Brown and Bascom after a friend dropped them off in the motel parking lot. Authorities found about $7,100 in cash, about $200,000 in Korean currency, as well as identification and a purse belonging to a woman held up in the first robbery.

Police detective also recovered surveillance video that showed Brown as he entered the second spa. Video surveillance also showed that Cooper had cased the second spa twice and that Cooper had lied about when he said Bascom was not in his car.

Bascom confessed to police investigators. He told police that he fell into a creek while running away from the second spa and that h e and Brown slept at aconstruction site to evade capture.

Brown asked for a lawyer and did not speak to detectives. He had about $3,000 in cash stuffed into his boot when police arrested him, records state.

Cooper is being held on one count of aggravated robbery. Brown and Bascom are being held on two counts of aggravated robbery.

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