PLANO The Winter Olympics have ended, but a Plano girl is practicing on the ice every day with her sights set on gold in 2018.

Amber Glenn says she works 'All day every day... six days a week' in her Olympic quest.

From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.? It's not your typical 14-year-old's schedule. But then again, Amber is not a typical 14-year-old.

'Of course every skater's dream is to win the Olympics!' she said with a laugh.

For her, it looks effortless. Even when she falls, she does it with grace.

The Junior National Champion found her passion for figure skating at age five.

While her friends are competing on the world's biggest stage, Amber is biding her time. She missed the Sochi cutoff by just eight months.

But her mom says everything happens for a reason. She knows her daughter has a penchant for risk... even perfection.

'If that program is not perfect, I will train until it is,' Amber said.

Figure skating is an individual sport that really takes a team. Amber's dad, a Plano police officer, puts in 30 overtime hours a week.

'That's what it takes,' he said. 'This is a very expensive sport.'

But her family says every minute and every penny is worth it.

Amber will have to qualify in four years, and then be selected for the Team USA.

And you can bet Amber Glenn will be ready for the challenge.


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