DALLAS Peter Fitch showed up to work today a little distracted but can anyone blame him?

'So I guess you heard that my dog and my car got stolen,' said Fitch, a hairdresser at the Adolphus Hotel downtown.

Fitch said his sister had been through a difficult surgery yesterday at Presbyterian Hospital. After visiting her, Fitch walked back to parking lot to get in is '76 Cadillac Coupe deVille only to discover it was gone. And that wasn't the only thing.

'I'm from Detroit. It's Detroit steel, 8.2 liter engine,' Fitch said. 'And it's big enough for my dog. And I would like both of them back. And it had gas in its 28-gallon tank. I would like that back too please.Mostly the dog,' he added.

Peter and Bixby have been together for six years. And, he says, life's not the same without him today.

' I felt like my dog waiting in the window this morning for him to come home,' Fitch said.

Fitch does have one important ally on his side in his effort to recover Bixby and the Caddy: Facebook. Several posts about his situation can be found on the social network and are being seen by a large audience there.


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