DALLAS -- A new drama is developing surrounding the power struggle at Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy.

An audio tape has surfaced depicting Sanders on a tirade targeting co-founder D.L. Wallace.

The recording reflects the beginning of Sanders' quest to reclaim his school. The recording was of a meeting among school leaders at Prime Prep last summer and was obtained by the Dallas Observer.

'I feel like throwing this chair and breaking your damn neck right now. But I'm gonna let it ride,' said Sanders on the tape.

He was threatening violence against Prime Prep co-founder and former business partner D. L. Wallace.

'How in the world do you think we got a school?' Sanders asked of Wallace. 'And you gonna play me? You gonna play me, man? I'm pissed off at you because I trusted you. Man to man. I trusted you. I've always had your back.'

Deion Sanders told News 8 that is his voice and, yes, he was upset after learning of Wallace paying himself a $130,000 annual salary while the charter school students were failing.

Sanders said he was paid $40,000 per year, but gave most of that money back to his coaches and paid for team travel.

'I was merely fighting for my kids and I was sick of what he was paying himself and doing to my kids,' Sanders said.

On the tape, Sanders later suggests to Wallace that he should be paid more and that the reason Prime Prep got a charter was because of Deion's connections.

'You don't even know how we got this school in Austin,' Sander told Wallace on tape. 'You don't really know. Let me tell you. It ain't because all these words and wonderful things that we said. It was another way. Senators, political leaders that you hooked me up with, that you put me down with.'

Over the next few months, Sanders would be accused of assaulting a school employee. He was fired by Wallace, rehired, and fired again.

Sanders then led the ouster of D.L. Wallace and his leadership team.

Prime Prep is currently the subject of a Texas Education Agency investigation and the Tarrant County District Attorney is investigating allegations of the theft of thousands of dollars of student laptops.

Sanders said all of it is because of Wallace's mismanagement of the school.

'What I'm guilty of is trusting a guy who I turned that school over to, and he wound up lying, cheating, and stealing,' Sanders said.

Wallace has yet to respond to our request for comment.


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