FORT WORTH -- The Wooten family is still spending their days and nights huddled inside a hospital room at JPS Hospital in Fort Worth. But at least now there is hope.

In late December, Julie Wooten Shelley arrived at the emergency room with severe flu-like symptoms. There was fever, dizziness, and trouble breathing.

It wasn't long before staff put her into intensive care, and then into a medically-induced coma.

'It could have gone either way for so many days,' said Barbara Wooten, Julie's mom.

Doctors told the family the 48-year-old was facing 50/50 odds of survival.

She soon developed a severe case of pneumonia.

'It was just shocking,' said her father, Sonny.

But early this week, Julie started making a remarkable recovery.

She is now breathing on her own and out of ICU. She still can't talk or stand well.

'There will be a lot of recovery,' Barbara said.

Julie, a hair stylist who has lived in Mansfield for most of her life, didn't get a flu shot this year. Her family is now urging everyone to do so, saying it could keep a loved one out of harm's way.

Hospital staff said Julie should make a full recovery, although it may still be a week or two before she is released from the hospital.

JPS said as of Thursday night, it only had three flu patients still in the ICU. That is down from eight earlier in the week.


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