RICHARDSON -- It's not the way Rodrigius Smith wanted to spend the first day of 2014.

For hours, he and several friends and family members picked up broken items left at the Da Nu U barbershop in the 500 block of W. Campbell Rd. in Richardson.

'Nobody is exempt from anything, and I'm finding out the hard way that... I'm included,' Smith said.

He said it was a childhood dream to open up a barbershop. He's had his shop in Richardson for roughly five years.

On New Year's Day morning, his shop looked totally unrecognizable.

'I get here and the police are already here and the front door is open,' Smith said.

He and a business neighbor next door had been vandalized. They filed police reports with Richardson police.

The barbershop was trashed. Smith said his employees left the shop late New Year's Eve night, at around 7:30 p.m. Parts of the wall were kicked in, TVs were stolen, and the bathroom was ripped apart, forcing water to flood the barbershop floor and the neighbor's carpeted floor at Stanza Textbooks.

'Hopefully, we can be back to normal as soon as possible,' said Anuj Seghal, owner of the bookstore.

Seghal said it's crucial he opens up before the college semester opens up in two weeks.

Smith said he has no idea who would do this to his business, and there are no cameras in that area to catch the perpetrators.

'I'm gonna leave today with today, and move forward,' Smith said. 'I have to do that.'


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