DALLAS In a move rarely seen in at Texas financial institutions, Chase bank opened 70 of its branches on a Sunday afternoon to ease cardholder frustrations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Chase customer Anne Leary thought it was the right thing to do. 'It's better to be safe than sorry,' she said.

Sara Becerril and her husband Christian were still in shock. They were among countless shoppers who fell victim to hackers while shopping at Target between Black Friday and December 15. Sara said they their account was dinged $200 as a result.

'They were charging from California, and we didn't visit California this week or last week,' she said.

To prevent further fraud, Chase bank limited two million of its cardholders to just $100 in withdrawals and $300 in total purchases on Saturday.

But many customers were confused and angered after Chase failed to notify them about the unexpected limits.

Richard Cook said his card was declined while Christmas shopping.

'It's pretty embarrassing,' he said. 'The store employees were like, 'Oh, sorry.'. Seems like you have financial problems or something,' Cook said.

Frustrations like that prompted Chase to open one-third of its branches nationwide on Sunday.

At the branch on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, employees worked for four hours on their regular day off, reissuing debit cards, making sure customers had the cash they needed, and returning what had been stolen.

'I think that's great customer service,' Sara Becerril said, breathing a sigh of relief. 'We have our cash back; that's important.'

If you think your personal information may have been compromised:

  • change your debit card PIN number immediately or get a new card
  • check for suspicious charges
  • sign up for fraud monitoring

Target has answers to frequently asked questions on its website and has set up a call center at 866-852-8680.


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