BALCH SPRINGS -- Balch Springs police said terrible torture and abuse happened to 65-year-old Linda Kaye Jordan, who by all accounts, was a very good person.

'Very kind, soft spoken, always very helpful; always wanting to help someone,' said Martha Kimberling, who was in a Bible Study with Jordan at Dallas County Cowboy Church. 'If we had a project to do, she wanted to be a part of it.'

Members say Jordan would attend, and sometimes she'd bring her live-in boyfriend, 39-year-old Josh Thurber, the same man now charged with her gruesome murder her in her Balch Springs home.

Witnesses tell police they saw Thurber running naked and panicked through the neighborhood Sunday, keeping people from the home. But on Monday, a witness said Thurber invited him in and showed him Jordan's bloodied body in a tub, with cuts to her neck, wrists and Achilles tendons.

'I was stunned. I didn't believe it at first,' Kimberling said.

Friends say Jordan expressed that things weren't always good with Thurber over the last year-and-a-half. And neighbors started to notice a change in Jordan's normal activity.

'She used to go outside all the time, work in her yard, she'd do different stuff like walk to the store and back,' said Heather Bishop, who lives across the street from Jordan's home. 'The longer Josh was here, the less you'd see her out, period.'

Still, the shock of her murder makes it clear few knew what was going on inside these walls.

'Josh was kind of off a little bit off, and everyone knows he's a bit off, but nobody thought he was that crazy,' Bishop said.

What friends did tell us is Jordan's generous heart never quit, and they now fear Thurber took advantage of it until the end.

'She was a very loving, giving person, and this should have never happened to someone like her,' Kimberling said.

A witness told police Thurber was using meth, and officers also reported he looked impaired at the time of his arrest. He's being held on a $100,000 bond.


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