ARLINGTON It was up to the Cowboys' offense to get the job done versus the Packers. You've seen their league-worst defense, right?

Quarterback Tony Romo and company looked up to the task throughout the first half of Sunday's game, and in parts of the second.

Until it mattered most.

And then they struck: Those Romo moments.

Romo's first interception was such a bad decision that head coach Jason Garrett made the uncommon decision to pull back the play-calling curtain and essentially point the finger squarely at his quarterback.

'The idea was to run the ball and make them use clock,' Garrett said told reporters. 'Tony threw a pass on what we call a 'smoke' or a 'flash,' something we have accompanying some runs if he gets a bad look. And that's what happened on the interception; that was a run call though that he threw the ball on.'

'It was my fault,' Romo conceded. 'You know you shouldn't ever give them chances to have the ball. We've got to do better; I've to do better than that. It's tough.'

Romo's second interception sealed the Cowboys' fate. It was a miscommunication between him and receiver Cole Beasley.

'He ended up cutting his route off, and I threw it as if he was continuing to go to the sideline,' Romo recalled. 'We'll get that right. We'll go back and assess the whole process and get it right.'

Receiver Dez Bryant had seen enough after that second pick. He left the field with more than a minute left in the game.

'It's not an enjoyable process when it ends, no matter how it ends,' Romo said. 'It's always tough emotionally, so it is what is is.'

Those Romo moments led to another instance of the Cowboys failing to finish.

'It's really tough. Words really can't describe it,' tight end Jason Witten said. 'I've been in some tough games; it's a tough league; but obviously, this is really tough. Felt like we were playing well for most of the game, just didn't finish.'


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