FORT WORTH -- Eric Boyles waited months for the day his wife and daughter's killer would face punishment for his crime.

And when instead of 20 years in jail, Ethan Couch got 10 years probation, Boyles got none of the peace that he'd hoped for.

'For 25 weeks, I've been going through a healing process,' Boyles told CNN. 'So when the verdict came out, my immediate reaction is I'm back to week one.'

Speaking to CNN's Anderson Cooper Wednesday night, Boyles said he feels 16-year-old Ethan Couch was unfairly spared once again after an affluent life, being bailed out by his parents.

'Look, we understand he's a juvenile, we understand that some rehabilitation has to take place, but let's face it here -- there needs to be some justice,' Boyles said.

Couch plead guilty to killing four people in the violent crash on June 15. Judge Jean Boyd said the teen wouldn't get the therapy he needed in jail. So instead, he'll spend years rehabbing in a California facility.

Even Couch's attorneys admitted the judge's decision was a bold move.

'We applaud Judge Boyd for having the courage to issue a sentence that's going to give Ethan Couch a chance to develop into a productive citizen and try to make amends for his actions,' said Scott Brown, representing Couch's defense team.

But tell that to a man who won't enjoy the rest of his life with two of his girls. Boyles sees it as just another break for a kid who's never heard no.

'No consequences for what happened that day,' he said. 'The primary message has to absolutely be that money and privilege can't buy justice in this country.'


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