Social media can be a great way to keep up with friends and families, but this time of the year you don't want the wrong people tracking your moves.

While we've heard all the safety tips for the home, we should also adhere to a few social media guides to further keep your place safe.

Social Media Holiday Safety Tips:

1. Never post 'Going on vacation.' Posting this information early will alert criminals of the right time to check out your home.

2. If you let people know where you're going, don't say for how long. Social media sites encourage you to talk about where you're going, but indicating how long you'll be at that location gives unwelcome guest a timetable to visit.

3. Don't post pictures of expensive items. Be aware when taking pictures at stores and posting about expensive items you're buying that can tell everyone what's inside your home.

4. Don't use your actual address on check-in sites like Foursquare. Use a fake address or a more generic one. Don't' give a thief the location of where to show up and rip you off.

5. Be selective about posting pictures from inside your home. Posting pictures only gives a map of where to go for the goods, especially if the Xbox One or PS4 are in a certain room.

These tips can be used year round to stay safe while still sharing.


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