DALLAS University of Texas students were stuck in Dallas Sunday night, unable to get back to Austin.

The group had been waiting for the Texas Express for hours. That's a student-only non-stop shuttle providing transportation to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio on the weekends. A round-trip to Dallas is $55.

The way it works, students sign up for a seat. But people in line told News 8 that drivers did not have complete lists of passengers... and not enough buses showed up.

'At this point, there are a lot of kids. This is their only ride back to Austin; what are they going to do if another bus doesn't show up?' asked parent Jean Maines. 'For some people, this is their ride... this is their only way to get back to Austin.'

One mom told us she eventually bought her son a plane ticket to get him back to class in time. Other students got together and decided to drive back down on their own.

News 8 tried to contact the charter company and the University, but our calls were not returned.

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