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DALLAS It was a rescue effort known more for the cute and cuddly puppy in peril than for the operation itself.

People celebrated as firefighters pulled a Terrier mix (appropriately named Stormy) from a storm drain where he was trapped last Monday.

On Sunday, he was the center of attention again as people vied for the chance to take him home.

Usually people have their pick of puppies, but on Sunday, a few puppies had their pick of people. Dozens lined up at Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center to adopt the Terrier mix whose rescue tugged at the heart strings of North Texans.

There was so much interest in adopting Stormy, the center held a drawing to determine who would take him and his brother and sister home.

Stormy's story began days ago when he got trapped in an underground drain pipe. Dallas Fire-Rescue lifted him to safety.

Soon after, people who saw the drama unfold on TV began asking how they could adopt him.

Donna Carruthers saw Stormy's rescue on the news. She and her husband Mike entered the drawing.

'I looked at Mike and said, 'That's the dog we need to try and go get,' she said.

The couple even prayed about it.

'We asked the Lord and said, 'Well if that's supposed to be our dog, we'll get it,'' Mike Carruthers said.

They got him.

Two other applicants got Stormy's siblings, Sadie and Sampson.

'I love him! I love him!' Donna said, holding the puppy close as reporters asked questions about his new home. 'We're going to be great friends.'

The Carruthers said they have more than three acres for the puppy to roam. They also have grandchildren who can't wait to meet the new pet.

Stormy, Samson, and Sadie were not the only lucky dogs on Sunday. Twenty-five other dogs also found new homes.

Through the month of December, the adoption fee is reduced to just $25 at the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.


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