DALLAS -- Traffic on Interstate 35E was brought to a standstill Tuesday night after an 18-wheeler crashed into an overpass at the split with Highway 67.

The driver of the truck was prounonced dead at a hospital shortly after 8:30 p.m. No identity was released.

The impact appeared to have damaged the support structure of the overpass, which carries northbound traffic and an HOV lane on Highway 67 as it merges with I-35E.

The southbound lanes of the interstate were being diverted to Highway 67 while Dallas Fire-Rescue personnel helped clear debris from the scene. The integrity of the bridge was expected to be examined by the Texas Department of Transportation before regular traffic could resume.

The backup extended for at least two miles on the vital north-south freeway.

The truck's cab and trailer had the markings of Equity Transportation, which opeates a fleet of 210 tractors and 600 trailers, according to its website.

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